I live in E3.
I love the area. It’s going places.

I’d love it a whole lot more if it had better take-away food options (and by that, I don't mean more fried chicken).

Sure, there’re a billion delivery services, but they bore the pants off me. Same food, cheap produce in tiny portions, straight off the factory line. Where is the love, the East London flavour, or that feeling you just ate something worth Facebooking?

This is why I started Ready By 5, a pop-up experiment in delivery.

Here’s how it works:

  1. I pick a date and the dish I'll cook
  2. If it sounds tasty, you order it online
  3. I cook, cool, and package the food by 5pm
  4. Someone good-looking delivers it to you
  5. You reheat it, and eat it

Sounds like every other food delivery service? Nope!

  • I deliver to E3 only.
  • This is pop-up dining, not an everyday service.
  • I cook a limited number of portions – first in, best dressed.
  • Portions are generous.
  • A different dish each time.
  • Produce is sourced as locally as possible.
  • Nearly all meals are slow-cooked for a minimum of four hours.
  • The bag it’s packaged in allows you to store it for later, or even freeze it.
  • You can reheat using a microwave or by throwing the bag into a saucepan of boiling water.
  • Pick any delivery time-slot between 5-8pm.

Most of all, I want this to be fun and random, keeping the scale deliberately small so the quality stays high. Think of this as being invited to my dinner party, except that you're not — it'll come in a bag, and you'll love it.

Follow me on Facebook or Twitter, and aside from getting the heads-up that there’s a meal cooking, you’ll also get to know who is cooking the food you eat, and the story behind it.

Check out the Questions page if you want to know more, or email me.

Ready by 5. Pop up dining at home. E3 only.