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“Fire In The Kitchen”
Slow cooked pork in a roast tomato and chipotle chilli sauce, served with spiced rice, avocado salsa and creme fraiche.
"Get the oil in the pan very hot, almost smoking" said my instructing chef. Unfortunately I don't do "almost" very well. Who knew crepe pans could blow up like that? In honour of burning down French cuisine schools I bring you a special delivery of hot Mexican love.
DELIVERED Mon 21st March
“The Haunting”
Steamed strips of marinated pork belly with preserved shrimp paste and ginger, served with fresh red chillies and rice.
There is a slight masochistic part of my personality that loves watching terrifying films, then staying awake all night in fear. Can flavours be so haunting? Yes, they can. You'll eat this dish, you'll be terrorised by the favours, you'll think it about it all night long, and you'll want more.
DELIVERED Thu 23rd July
“The Channing”
Sicilian cauliflower pasta with fresh herbs, toasted sourdough breadcrumbs, chilli flakes and Neal’s Yard Dairy Parmigiano cheese
Confession: I'm guilty of watching the Magic Mike XXL trailer more than once. Those that know me know that pasta has the same effect on me as... well... a certain Tatum. So here you have it. A bold, bare, bitey pasta that leaves you legless with its raw and perfect ingredients. *Sigh*...
DELIVERED Thu 16th July
“The Cheek Of It”
Slow cooked fish broth with potatoes, vegetables, and cod cheeks. Served with parsley pesto and artisan bread.
This weekend I went to Spain to see my parents. I caught a 6am flight and by 10am I was drinking wine in the sun. It's ok to be cheeky on holidays. Or any day really.
DELIVERED Thu 2nd July
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