Staying notified

Is this a permanent thing?
No? Maybe? At this stage it's something of a fling.

How often will you be cooking?
At the moment I'm burning down kitchens at Le Cordon Bleu, so when I decide I can squeeze a Ready By 5 into my schedule, you should definitely jump in. In other words, whenever I feel like it.

Why don't you cook more often?
Because then you wouldn’t love me as much.

How can I keep track of you?
That’s a bit stalkery. But OK – you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


How do I know when orders open?
Unless you’re stalking me on social media, you’ll need to sign up to the notifications mailing list to be in the know.

How do I pay?
Via credit card, online. (Stripe handles the processing - super safe.)

Do you offer a subscription service?
No. If you like it, buy it, but you don’t have to buy it every time.

Your meals sell out too quickly – that’s not fair.
That’s not really a question is it? Be quicker! Sign up to the notifications mailing list.

Can I cancel my order once I’ve placed it?
Why would you want to do a thing like that?

How many meals do you cook each time?
It depends on the meal and my mood. I aim for around thirty.


Do you deliver outside of E3?

I live really really close to E3, will you make an exception?
No. But if you’re that close, jump into an E3 pub and I’ll deliver you the food there. I could use the drink (*hint*).

Do you only deliver to homes?
No. I’ll deliver anywhere in E3, be it a pub, your work, a friend’s place, the gym, a random street corner, canal-boat... But check out the terms and conditions for things I wont do.

Who delivers the food?
Me or some handsome man.

What time do you deliver?
The food is ready by 5pm, so you can choose a delivery timeslot of 5-6pm, 6-7pm, or 7-8pm.

What if I am not home? Can it be left somewhere?
For food safety reasons I’d prefer to leave it with a human. But if you’re happy to take responsibility for the food, I’m happy to oblige. Check out the terms and conditions for extra information.

How is the food delivered?
In a very ugly but functional green insulated bags, with ice packs to keep it nice and cold. Don’t laugh at our green bags please.

The Food

Do you cater for allergies?
I will list any known allergens but there’s always a risk of cross contamination. I don’t cater specifically to people with allergies.

Do you cater to food preferences?
No. Stop being so fussy.

Do you cook vegetarian meals?
Yes, sometimes, but if you’re a vegetarian you’ll probably think I don’t cook them enough. There'll be a separate notification list for vegetarians active very soon. (In the meantime, let me know if you want to be in on that.)

Who supplies your produce?
I try and support local producers as much as possible, without compromising on quality. Most meat comes from Peckover Butchers on Roman Road, or Ginger Pig.

Do you only cook dinners?
At the moment I’m only delivering from 5pm so that would suggest it’s a “dinner”, but because of how the meal is packaged, you could eat it whenever you wanted to. But keep your eye out for news on other types of meals…the random weekend lunch, hangover cure etc.

Do you sell matching alcohol?
Not yet, you lush.

Do you sell desserts / sides / starters?
Not yet.

Reheating / storage

How should I reheat the food?
The packaging will have reheating instructions but generally, you can zap it in a microwave, or put the sealed bag of food into a saucepan of boiling water. We’ll let you know the best method for each dish.

Can I freeze the food?
Yes, but please don't forget about it (as if you could).

How long can I store the food in the fridge?
Two to three days maximum.

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