The best thing about Ready by 5 is that it’s not a factory. I serve a limited number of meals per day because I enjoy being able to hand pick the produce and fuss over each meal. That’s great right? Yes, but because of that here’s what you need to know:

  • Ready by 5 is serious about food safety. That being said there is always a risk of cross contamination of allergens. The meals page will list any known allergens within each meal, but if you suffer allergies, I suggest you play it safe, and don’t order the meals, as much as that will upset both parties.
  • Some meat meals may have bones - don’t choke on them.
  • I try very hard to serve consistent and large portions. But I’m not a robot and there may be some variances to meal sizes if you were to pull out the scales and weigh each one. If your partner’s meal seems bigger than yours, fight it out.
  • Once I deliver the food to you, it becomes your baby to love and be responsible for. I advise you to keep food in the fridge until you eat it, and to reheat it properly, but if you choose to do your own thing, it’s on you, my friend.


Payment is taken at the time of order via credit card – I’m very modern like that. There may be occasions where meals run out while your order is getting processed. If that happens, I’ll refund you the amount, and encourage you to be much, much quicker next time.

If you would like to cancel your order, the first thing I will do is feel very upset. But if the request is any time before the day of delivery then I’ll be a big girl and refund you - please just email me. If your request for a refund comes on the day of delivery I unfortunately can’t offer you a refund but fear not - my meals are cooled and well-packaged so you can eat it over the next two days, or freeze it.


I deliver to E3 addresses - be it your home, work, or wherever you happen be loitering. Here are my only rules:

  • We do our best to arrive within your chosen time slot but as it’s only me, and one or two handsome men if I’m lucky, sometimes we get held up, chased by dogs etc and as such we may arrive later (or earlier) than planned. We need you to be OK with this – surprises are fun.
  • I will deliver anywhere in the E3 but it’s on you to ensure you have permission to receive deliveries. That’s right, if we get yelled at for entering a pub with twenty Ready by 5 meals, we will be pointing at you.
  • If the area is unsafe, doesn’t exist, you are not home, or we can’t find you/reach you, we reserve the right to abort mission without refund.
  • For food safety reasons, I prefer to deliver food in your hand and not leave it unattended. If you really really want us to leave your food unattended we will, but unfortunately can not take responsibility for its quality or safety.


I think we’re all going to get along just fine. But on the off-chance you don’t like the food or things I say on social media then let’s take it outside.

Just kidding (sort of). Please email me and we’ll work something out.

You can also email me if you are happy. I like those emails.